Improve your Quality

Quality checks

Numerous quality associations, with more than 800 establishments worldwide, trust our expertise as an international neutral testing institute. Our engineers work in accordance with recognised testing and quality regulations, and make records on-site of procedures and the quality of components produced. This neutral monitoring enables businesses to maintain consistently high standards, which are confirmed by quality certification.

Services offered

  • QUALANOD – International quality label for anodised aluminium
  • QUALISTEELCOAT– International quality label for coating of steel
  • Quality Association for Industrial Coatings (QIB)
  • Quality Association for Facility Cleaning (GGGR)
  • Quality Association for façade cleaning (GRM)
  • Quality Association for metal façade renovation (GFS)
  • Quality Association for coating of individual components (GSB International)
  • QUALICOAT – International quality association for coating of aluminium components
  • QUALISTRIP – European quality association for industrial paint stripping of metal and plastic components